The music of 17 year old twins Jacob and Nolan Fandino (The Fandinos) , is listened to by thousands of fans around the world every day. They have a dedicated worldwide fan base that continues to grow as their music does. Jacob and Nolan's natural multi instrumental and vocal talent continues to gain new fans on Instagram, Youtube and social media. For the past few years The Fandinos have spent time between developing their talents, recording new music and playing live shows. The twins were excited to release their first original recording "It's All Right" to music outlets worldwide. They are currently working on new musical releases and booking shows for the coming year.
Jacob and Nolan's musical  journey began at the age of 6 when they discovered the piano,  guitar and drums. Both boys started to get noticed for their varied musical abilities - Jacob is a soulful tenor vocalist and is an accomplished guitarist and pianist while Nolan excels at drums piano, vocals and guitar. They began performing live shows at 9 years old at their school as well as at local venues, festivals and charity benefits such as Relay for Life. Soon The Fandinos were being featured in music publications in the United Kingdom as well as local news outlets. Recently they were very proud  and excited to win a battle of the bands contest benefit for The Humane Society.
When not playing music, Jacob and Nolan like to be outdoors. Both boys love playing and competing in various sports. In particular Nolan loves swimming, hiking and skateboarding. Jacob has a passion for soccer, skateboarding and archery. Nolan loves to spend time listening to Jazz while Jacob like pop and rock. The twins love video gaming as well! They enjoy traveling, and find it especially exciting  visiting and connecting with their fans in the U.K., Europe and other countries.
The Fandinos are excited and privileged to continue their musical journey with their awesome fans!