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The Fandinos

The Fandinos are a rising pop-rock band based in North Carolina. Emerging as new artists after leaving their teen images behind. The band started from square one and began writing music that resonated with the GenZ community. Using musical influences from Millenials, GenX, and Baby Boomers, the Fandinos have created music that all generations can enjoy.  Influences of pop-rock from the 90s and 2000s combined with today's music can be heard in their musical style.  Their upbeat and dynamic sound makes for great live shows that leave audiences wanting more. Blending rock, pop, and jazz creates a unique and original sound that echos with their fan base.


Winning the Carolina Music Award in North Carolina in 2018 helped them gain a fan following in the Carolinas.

Band Members 

Jacob Fandino Songwriter, guitar & vocals

Nolan Fandino  Drums

Brandon Cole Bass


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